Choosing a degree

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Today I got a call from my university, probably from my tutor who welcomed me at the university in personal. Since I have been abroad, she just explained me that my welcoming email will come soon into my student mailbox.

Being a university student must be a drudgery but I believe it will be very rewarding, especially because of the way Open University is structured. It is opened to everybody who is willing to put the real effort.

I chose studying business because a friend of mine said once “if you don’t know what to choose, go for business”. Well I knew what to choose. But because I’ve always been a multitasker I enjoy philosophy, psychology, political studies, languages, computing, international studies, arts, humanities etc.

But I figured out that I speak fluently 4 languages so why would I study them or some other. I can learn as I go, just how I learned Slovak and Czech and then English and Polish.

I love philosophy but I can always read a book and get the knowledge during winter evenings and psychology is something I have observed because that’s what my mother does for a living. I used to be a leader of youth parliament learning about the way political agendas are working and I guess that’s what is enough for me – some kind of general knowledge.

Business is widest subject containing management, marketing, accounting and human resource management and many other things. It’s unlikely that you take a book of accounting and learn how to count profits during winter evenings. I also was very good at school in all of these and the first time I heard MBA abbreviation – I wanted to acquire that. It’s something untouchable but I learned through life that at some point some things seem so distant and impossible, yet by putting effort or simply by taking time – we reach that.

Having an honours degree in business administration or later MBA will give me the freedom to be wherever I want to be, to be flexible and because we deal with business every day – to make a good living. All this and more will give me the space to flourish when I am off work – to read some book by philosopher, to write and to explore whatever I need to explore to become more creative and fulfilled.

So wish me luck on my journey because I simply enjoy it every day, not just thinking about the MBA but the actual process it has. I don’t want to skip anything, it’s gonna be great.

Counting down the days…

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until I start studying again. In less than a month, my books will arrive and my educational process will re-start again after year break.

It seems like it has been at least 5 years since I was at school. But it’s really just a year and few months and I am laughing at all those people who were telling me “Go to university right after high school, otherwise you’re never gonna get back to studying” 😀

Haha. Yeah, maybe people who didn’t taste the life of earning their own money may never come back to school. However, I had worked during my high school and knew it wasn’t anything I would loved to do. Maybe if I was offered great job with perfect salary that I love I wouldn’t need to pursue higher education. But even though I have a good job (in eyes of others) I know this isn’t making me happy and it will bring no future to me.

So because I didn’t see any progress at work and it was/is impossible to get a good job in United Kingdom if you are foreign I agreed on having a baby and thought I’ll best combine it with studying.

So I chose Open University because a friend of mine recommended it to me and since then I can’t wait for it to start. I was a bit worried about money at first because we have invested a lot of money and now I am on part time but they have great financial support, especially for mothers. So I might end up paying nothing or just minimal fees.

I chose BA Business Studies (Honours) and in the future I want to progress in e-business. I have no idea where I will end up in the end, what country, so that seems like best options.

These are my initial plans that motivate me the most. So keep your fingers crossed for me. 🙂