that gave me the courage and positive insight for all the days to come. And I am going to write about few things that have happened in my homeland while I am here. I am afraid that once I am back in UK this will be just a nice memory and I want to express my feelings now they’re fresh.

Being at home this time was like no other time before. I could have seized more time but everything has had its place and time. I can’t believe I almost gave up and didn’t want to travel to Slovakia. Oh how much I would never gain.

First I had the best weekend with my best friends Lubka and Gulia and her little son Daniel. Amazing feeling to hook up again, surrounded by peaceful child that never cries and his smiles make your day. This time I wasn’t depressed by what I have seen like last time cuz I know Gulia and her family is doing way better now. Lubka is the one that has changed the least and I love to be around her and observe the life that she has.

Then I spent good amount of time with my mother. I would never say I will enjoy that but the truth is, one long conversation was enough and as day went by I didn’t not needed to hear or say more.

I went to school, spoke to Janko an inspirational mentor and teacher of economics who seemed so proud of me and I love him for that. I wish we had more time. I had a coffee with my class teacher, person that I feel so close to since we finished school. She has been amazing to us, especially to me.

Among all these things I met some of the most important people in my life who made me feel alive again. Lubka said today that during the weekend she noticed that I was bit negative about things and she felt it was because of some burden I carried. Tonight, I am so freed from all the burdens and I will fight with smile if something wants to get me out of control again. I don’t want to feel like before, I want to be exactly who I am now, a person I have always been proud of.

It is indeed true that if you think positively, positive things will happen to you. Tonight I met an old guy around 70 in bus. He was very strange until he told me he used to be a sociology professor and lived in Chicago for years. He invited me for a coffee and I actually regret that I refused. The small talk we had was amazing and he seemed something like that would help us both. Nice to see an elegant old man around here, too. Another person and situation that made me shake my head how unbelievable life is and how beautiful it is. It made me smile again even though I am practically smiling all the time 🙂

It’s been an amazing journey and I am gonna see my brother tomorrow after a year and his girlfriend and I am pretty damn sure that is gonna be inspirational too. I really loved being here this time and I *can’t* wait until me and my little one will come over to see all those people again. Exceptional stay, really. I love coming home.