It seems to me that the state I am in now is best to come back to writing again. My emotions allow me to observe new things, things I have never noticed before. It’s been a pleasurable state of being and I would never say I will enjoy it this much.

Simply said, I am pregnant. And pregnancy package contains new feelings about the world itself. I’d like to share the perspective of unique, pregnant…woman.

That is the first major change since my last blog. The old blog was notion of “Girl, you’ll be a woman, soon”. And it simply happened. I struggled with it, fought it until I realize we all got to the point when we need to be adults.

It took me long to realize that being an adult doesn’t have to mean I need to get settled, routined or just like everybody else. Unfortunately, there are situations when I am pushed to be someone I am not. I am fighting well, even though I am left misunderstood.

About this and more, I will be blogging soon. Hope you will join me on my journey. 🙂