So I do. It makes no sense to cry because tears only make people feel sorry for you. They don’t actually mean they are sorry for what they have done. They’re just sorry it made you cry. It must have hurt then.

But it hurts most when you do not cry. When there are no tears left. Tears are emotions. I am empty now. I am dealing with things, once again in my life, which are beyond my maturity level.

I fucked up my life and lives those around me by pretending I can do this all. The truth is, I can’t. I am not ideal.

The truth is also that because of one and one person only, I isolated from the world that I loved. The world full of people who know me and never judge me, from a world that seeks peace, uniqueness and authenticity. When that only person disappoints and leaves you separated, alone and without tears to shed, your world starts to fall. And it is not comfortable to know you might carry his child by now.

Unfortunately, our relationship, our lovely, ideal, crazy-in-love relationship didn’t even last until our 2nd anniversary which is couple of days. It’s life. Just happens.

Now it’s time to grab those fallen pieces from the floor and build something. Maybe a conversation, maybe a new life for each and every one of us. Some people need to fucking decide what they want in life. I thought I knew, yet I am the one that it’s much younger.

I wonder why is that. That the world produced so many kidaults. There’s nothing wrong to go and watch Toy story 3 to me, but there is when an adult has a childish behaviours.

It all comes up to how we were raised. I was raised to be an adult. Some are raised to baby boys. Their problem and they will face it every two year with their new girlfriends when they feel like they already know them.

So life goes on…Happier Endings 🙂