I have decided to do it again. My last and hopefully successful attempt to write again. It might have been year ago when I silenced myself on my blogs and wrote very very occasionally. I had a feeling that I can’t express myself anymore the way I used to.

It might be true, too. But there is no reason for me not to continue to write about my thoughts, experiences, loves and happiness. So I am back, under name Blissinka this time, what is some sort of nickname and cute expression from the word Bliss that I use as my contemporary art surname.

The ones who know me, please call me here “Bliss” since I don’t want google to link my blog to my official real name. That’s why I have moved here in the end.

I have moved my blog for several more reasons. I am very different person from what I used to be. We all change and change is necessary at some point. I came to a completely different environment and dealt with completely different situations that formed me to what I am now.

I’d been sad for a long time about that. I couldn’t accept the changes made and always looked back on the time when I was 17 or 18. I do consider that time to be the time of my life. Such freedom, carelessness and bliss I might never experience again.

But my world awakened in new colors. I accept myself the way I am and I am proud of myself and things I have done in my past and present. I know that in my soul I haven’t changed a bit and that’s why I should continue to write and express myself.

I have never been so positive about my future either. Even though I have job that I don’t like at all, I have all the other stuff sorted completely.

I am sure I’ll write about everything soon. There’s no rush. I will use this blog for personal stuff but also as a space for me to think and explore my own ideas through writing. I hope you’ll be with me and be part of my journey.